Wednesday , October 20 2021

The employees are angry: Amazon divides its headquarters in Seattle with two more cities


Amazon, the largest online retailer in the world, has infuriated its staff and its users by dividing the headquarters of Seattle, creating two offices in New York and Vergania, according to Business Insider.

After months of talks and disputes, with much more information, the administration decided to divide the Seattle headquarters along with Long Island in New York and Crystal City in Werding, wrote The New York Times.

On this occasion, there are quite negative reactions in social networks. The largest online shopping company said that each of the two new offices would hire 25,000 people. The Internet public reacted sharply commenting that, instead of two new offices, Seattle could expand its headquarters by committing another 45,000 people.

Why Amazon pays $ 5,000 to employees who want to leave?

Why Amazon pays $ 5,000 to employees who want to leave?

In short, the company benefits from it

But the Governor of New York, Andrew Kuoom, insisted that one of the offices of Amazon were in the state. Satisfied after finalizing the agreement, it said that it would change the name of Amazon Kuomo.

In January, Amazon reduced the list of possible cities to install 20 new offices, including Atlanta, Rally, Pittsburgh and Crystal City. The most controversial candidates for the new Administrative Centers were New York and Washington. But the capital of the United States left Crystal City, Werginia.

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