Friday , June 18 2021

The Master is a traveler! Stoycho Mladenov will keep CSKA

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CSKA will keep its season with Stoycho Mladenov, says Meridian Match. The Army decided to invite a mentor as a mentor and contacted him.

The Keisar coach contract expires at the end of November and the Kazakhstan championship ends this week. In the final round, the team of Mladenov is in AtoBe and in the end he can finish fourth in the final classification.

CSKA started the strong season but failed to beat its direct competitors for the title and retire to third place. For the Bulgarian Cup the "red" will visit Ludogorets in spring.

The post of the current coach of Nostor El Maestro was shaken after losing Levski's eagles and the visits of Botev (Bd) and Beroe to a point.

At the same time Stoycho Mladenov made a strong season with Kaisar and received bids from two teams from Kazakhstan and a Russian. The specialist announced to his headquarters that staying in Kazakhstan will only work on the Kizilorda team.

CSKA contacted Mladenov during the spring, but then they asked for a great penalty to put it.

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