Sunday , June 13 2021

They accused Bella Hadid of being too weak

Victors of Victoria's Secret are not convinced that the model should be contaminated with the brand's underwear

Bela Hadid officially confirmed that she will be participating in the upcoming Victoria's Secret show by uploading a few photos to Insgramm, featuring only underwear and high boot snake boots, MissBloom reports.

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To the photos that caused an avalanche of mixed comments, Bella wrote:

"I can not wait to see all the beautiful outsiders … I am very grateful that you will be part of this show, I feel happier and healthier than ever!"

Despite his positive message, Bela was attacked with comments like:

"Skin and bones Images are just disturbing" e "I do not care about the weak bodies, but it's so unhealthy. Victoria's Secret should be ashamed of promoting and promoting such unrealistic images."

The model did not stop and, in response to his message, he added:

"All bodies are different and react differently to healthy diet and training."

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