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Vasil Petrov: I apply singing to enter the Conservatory more easily. I liked it

It is not bad at all to compare to the man who made the bridge between jazz and pope, says the Bulgarian Frank Sinatra

With a mix of jazz, swing and bossa nova, Vassil Petrov will turn NDK into an elite jazz club for the second edition of his show "Sinatra: Vegas." One of the most talented singers in Bulgaria will present the original agreements of the eternal successes of Frank Sinatra in an elegant show on November 12 in Hall 1 of the National Palace of Culture.

Vasil Petrov was born on April 30, 1964 in Sofia. In 1991 he was educated at the vocal faculty of the Conservatory with a specialty of popular music. In 1992 and 1994 he was the best selling artist in Bulgaria. In the first Bulgarian national prizes "Orpheus +" Vasil Petrov was chosen as the best male voice of the year. He also won three categories: best male voice, best year success, best album of the year by The Other.

He performed concerts in Helsinki, Oslo, Vienna, Stockholm, Lugano (Switzerland), Belgrade and Lillehammer (Norway) during the Winter Olympics. With his rich bell and velvety voice, he became known as the Bulgarian Frank Sinatra.

– Mr. Petrov, is the second edition of your program, Sinatra: Vegas, what will the public hear and see?

– This is the second edition, but not a repeat of the previous concert, which was a great success. Now the repertoire has been completely remodeled, conserving the greatest hits of this era: those of the 1960s. We also have new soloists, along with Bruce Johnson and the new singer Valeria Stoyanova participating again. These include Michaela Fileva and Orlin Pavlov. On stage, it will be a Big Band star with director Antoni Donchev, and among the musicians there will be foreigners. Twelve ballet dancers will dance on stage. With Orlin Pavlov and Bruce Johnson we will make a set of gentlemen to remind us of the 60's when the show business in Las Vegas was created with sketches by Frank Sinatra and company.

– How long do you try before a concert, do you go in another way?

– In general, if it is not necessary, I did not try much. The long trials are exhausted and, if you have to try everything that will happen at the concert, the element of surprise has been lost. There must be immediacy, it must be natural in the scenario.

"How did you start singing?"

– I played in an amateur band and I had the intention to be an instrumentalist. When I decided to apply for the Conservatory's conference department, I thought that I could not pass the instrumental exams. That is why I decided to apply singing – so that it is easier for me. So, accidentally I went back to sing. It took me that I liked it.

"All his family is musical: his grandfather founded the Kaval choir, what kind of boy were you?

"I am baptized by my grandfather. Besides the founder of the choir," Kaval "is also among the founders of the" Slavia "choir. My grandparents sang in church choirs. My other grandmother, forgive God, was also musical. father interprets harmonic. But

in our family we do not have



I said before my parents got me a little angry.

"Was it difficult to find the way after finishing the Conservatory?"

"No, on the contrary, then the times broke up and there was a niche in jazz. I had already begun to interest me, this genre impressed me and everything came to my place.

– I've been performing concerts in many countries. Where did he go abroad to sing for the first time?

– It was in 1991. I traveled to Oslo, Norway, with the Military Band. The soloist was Nelly Rangelova and I had an independent show – 15 minutes every night. We were in Oslo for a month and a half. The public liked it, she responded surprisingly well. I think of an interesting story ever since. The Norwegian Krone had skipped a lot because of the end of the Gulf War and decided to withdraw some of my local bank fees because, due to the change in the rate, the amount has become significant. I worked at home with the money in the apartment in which I lived. And they suddenly disappeared! First I decided I was lost. So, forgive me the Lord, I thought some of the people who supported the house robbed them. And the truth is that I am a very scattered person. When it was time to go to Bulgaria, the day before arriving at the ferry, I found the money in a closet in the apartment. So, I could keep my work rate. (Laughter).

– He also had concerts in Japan, how has your country been seen?

"I remember that the pianist with whom we worked together in her – Romanian Toskov – could not stand the Japanese cuisine, and always looked for European food, and I liked local food for me.

I was very impressed with the accuracy of the Japanese. Our readings were read in minutes. We were driving a driver next to the room

if we arrive late

seconds, turn

or director

came out

Boulevard and being

looking around

the car,

worried about that

we are late

Everything was refined, including the concert itself. The Antrag was exactly 10 minutes – more, less. Buses could be done for 15 minutes, followed by a 30-minute autograph session. Everything was ending a second later – without wasting time.

– Remember your first big prizes?

– It was 1995 for Orpheus Plus. I received three awards for singer, album and success of the year. I have all the rewards one after another – it was awesome!

"The emotion you felt on the stage, is it today?"

– Oh yeah. Whenever it goes on stage, the feeling is very special. Feels preferable I thank God for giving me this opportunity and that there is a hearing that wants to immerse myself in my world. In this sense, the musician's profession is very good.

In addition to singing very well, you should paint and even do some exhibitions. How did you get started

"At the beginning, I scratched what I did when I had time. Mines

friends painters

they convinced me that it was

time to start


your paintings

and what should I professionally deal with my hobby? But I feared losing interest. I opened my first exhibition in Old Plovdiv in 2004. Then, after my Apollonia concert, I made an exhibition that was reflected in the media next year.

– Do you have interesting experiences with your fans? Veselin Marinov told him how a fan had given him a key to his house?

"Well, that's not what happened to me. I received a variety of gifts: very expensive, very sincere, like a light golden cross. People gave me things that are invaluable and valuable to them. This touches me.

– Who and when did you call the "Bulgarian Frank Sinatra"?

– Zhelyaz Sagaev, a journalist from "Pohled." It was in the early 90's. Soon there was a concert at the National Palace of Culture with Big Band from Villa Kazasyan.

Zhelyaz wrote an article about the show and, among other things, mentioned that Vili Kazasyan has featured the famous singer Vassil Petrov, this time in her area of ​​the Bulgarian Frank Sinatra. This is where the media began, it became my name.

"Have you ever been bothered by this comparison?"

"No, in any case, because I did not suspect this similarity. When I realized that they seemed to me to Sinatra, I even began to emphasize sometimes. It is not good to agree with the man who made the bridge between jazz and pope.

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