Thursday , July 29 2021

Assist Jaden Smith announces that Tyler, The Creator is her boyfriend

On Sunday, while performing at the Camp Flog Gnaw music festival in California, Jaden Smith announced on stage that Tyler, The Creator is her boyfriend.

Smith began his monologue praising Tyler, a rapper who founded the festival in 2012.

"I just want to say that Tyler, the creator is the best friend in the world and I love him so much," said Smith in the microphone. "And I want to tell people something: I want to tell you. Tyler does not mean, but my boyfriend of Tyler is a boyfriend. And it was my father in my boyfriend all my life — life! "

"Tyler, the creator is my boyfriend — it's true!"

Many fans have managed to capture the speech in the movie. In a video, the camera caught Tyler at this time – who shook his finger, looked at the crowd and shook his head "no".

Several video clips capture Tyler laugh during Smith's speech.

"Tyler, the creator is my f — boyfriend. Okay? You took away all this missing spectacle, that's what you should get out," he concluded.

After the performance, Smith wrote on Twitter: "Yup @tylerthecreator I told everyone who can not deny it."

On Monday morning, Tyler replied: "Already, you are a mad man —-!"

Tyler's reaction seems to suggest that Smith was joking; It is not clear whether Smith was simply with his old customs or that he really announced a romantic relationship.

Nin Smith of 20 years and Tyler, of 27 years of age, their real name, Tyler Gregory Okonma, explicitly labeled their own sexualities.

Smith is known to embrace gender fashion and seems to avoid actively labeling in any way. Tyler he was called gay e alluded to "get out of the closet" on Twitter several times.

Tyler appeared to confirm his curiosity in his album "Flower Boy" of 2017.

In "I do not have time!" the raps: "The next line will be" like "whomever I have a white kiss since 2004." Another track, "Garden Shed", seems to detail their struggles in terms of their sexuality.

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