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Avengers: Endgame tracking to break the weekend box office record

You will not be surprised to know that Disney currently has nine of the largest notebooks opening the weekends of all time. Currently, Avengers: Infinite War is mounting on top of the list with an opening weekend of $ 258 million, followed by Star Wars: The Force Awakens with $ 248 million and Star Wars: The last Jedi with 220 million dollars.

However, the next movie of the Marvel event Avengers: Endgame is tracking to open the way to number one when it opens on April 26 with an enormous amount of $ 282 million, which will probably lead to another $ 2 billion + the success of Disney around the world.

"Infinite War He left the audience with a cinematic cliffhanger, "said Jeff Bock at Research Exhibitor Relations at Bloomberg on Endgame Prediction. "The only thing that could affect the opening weekend would be an execution time that exceeds three hours, which has not yet been confirmed by Disney."

Mm. About that, Jeff? It may be more than 3 hours, although the final operating time was not revealed. It's not that bettors are not willing to sit during a three-hour confrontation of Marvel superheroes, although the vibe among fans is that Endgame It could last for 100 hours and still buy a ticket: it is that the cinemas will not be able to fit as many projections per day when the film opens.

Meanwhile, Captain Marvel is open to open next week: the first hit of Marvel's wristwatches in the first months of 2019. The pilot-convert-Kree-warrior The large-screen solo carriage of Carol Danvers is following an order book of end of Opening week of $ 118- $ 160 million today, with full critical reviews published in the coming days.

After Endgame, Spider-Man: away from home It will open in the summer and then we will be free of MCU for at least a year, which will be very strange after having three MCU movies in 2017, three in 2018 and three in 2019, but maybe it is public tired at that point and needs rest. Very likely, this passion in the adventures of Marvel will be calm before the storm, but we will not discover the extension of the Phase 4 plans of the study by the end of this year.

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