Mario Kart Switch IMG

A few days after a number of analysts said that Nintendo would fail to reach its goal of sending 38 million units by March 2019, a new report now suggests that the Switch will set aside the PlayStation 4 next year.

According to the latest projections of the home appliances service connected to Strategy Analytics, the Switch will need to change 17.3 million units worldwide in 2019. In contrast, Sony PS4 and PS4 Pro combined sales are expected to reach a total of 17.1 million. Microsoft's Xbox One and Xbox One X systems will remain in third place, displacing 10 million units.

The report also provided some more general facts. Sony is still the leader in the console market, with its systems that represent almost half of all video game consoles in use. The ownership of the console is again rising globally and the global commercial value of the gaming console is approximately $ 15.4 million this year (2018), an increase of 7.6%.

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