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Daryl Katz, Joel Quenneville and Edmonton Oilers

In spite of having reached a better start than most had predicted, the perspective of Edmonton Oilers remains relatively unchanged. As we all know, the expectation for the tandem of Peter Chiarelli and Todd McLellan was quite high, so the fact that this group still looks like the best playoff team is not good. These results, combined with a recent opportunity, can make Daryl Katz move faster than expected.

Gary Bettman and Daryl Katz

Gary Bettman and Daryl Katz (Bruce Bennett / Getty Images photo)

With his club in the middle of what quickly became an unpleasant game of four lost parties and the masses, once again, shouting for change, the time for Katz to seriously consider his next move is over us. Adds the sudden availability of Joel Quenneville, which many consider to be one of the two main coaches in the NHL, and writing could well be on the wall of the current regime.

Quenneville is as good as it exists

If the organization decides to enter a new address, it will go down to two simple things. The former Chief of the Chicago Blackhawks bank has some interest in reaching the capital of Alberta and how many checks are the owner of this club willing to write to try this boat pointing in the right direction? If the first part of the equation is realistic, Katz would be out of his rocker to not follow things anymore and in a short time.

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Unfortunately, such a decision will come at a cost and it will be quite substantial. According to Sportsnet analyst, Nick Kypreos, apparently, the "desire" to return behind the banker is quite real for Quenneville, but will also be added two or three years of duration to his current agreement with Chicago that will expire as a result of the 2019 Campaign -20.

In other words, the Oilers would be looking at a four or five year deal on the outskirts of $ 6 million per season, with the Blackhawks chipping in cash to help them achieve Quennville's success in their books in a timely manner and allow them to turn page. It seems pretty easy and takes us to the second step and the completion of the McLellan contract and eating the remaining dollars in his business.

Like Quennville, the native of Melville, Saskatchewan left another year in his current contract that sees Edmonton pay him an annual salary of $ 3 million. Obviously, shelling this type of currency in coaches is not ideal, especially when either of them is no longer with the organization, but sometimes it can be the price of doing business. A difficult pill to swallow to be sure, but this organization should accept with pleasure.

The oilers are spinning their wheels

In his defense, McLellan never received a suitable list to work during his term in Edmonton, but he had his singles on the way. If it's a game style, the lack of willingness to make adjustments in the game or the use of some of its players, young people and old people, the wrong steps are there for everyone to see. However, at the end of the day, a coach can only work with what was given and, in my opinion, there are still missing pieces.

In the great scheme of things, when an organization does not meet the expectations, the general manager will finally pay the price, but in most cases, the principal coach receives his roles on foot before. The chances are we will probably see the same script followed with the Oilers when it comes to Chiarelli. That being said, unless Quenneville entered and galvanized the group in a surprising career in the playoffs, the GM is on loan.

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Although we have never officially seen a number or term linked to Chiarelli after hiring it, the chances are that the latter would be the same as the coach and the former would be quite important. In the end, we are talking about a man who not only has the title of general director with the club, but also the President of Hockey Operations and was very aggressively sought by this organization.

Again, the cost will not be nice and the chances are that we will not see anything happening until the summer with Chiarelli but if it is for the long-term improvement of the club, the owner will have to withdraw the check and make the Vaite problem. This may sound a bit tough, but if the alternative is to alienate large chunks of this fan base, what they believe or not … is starting to happen, the decision becomes increasingly simple.

Joel Quenneville

Former Chicago Blackhawks coach Joel Quenneville (Kim Klement-USA HOXE Sports)

Simply, the opportunity to bring a coach as considered as Joel Quenneville does not happen every day. The Edmonton Oilers are on the stage where the so-called "status quo" can be more accepted and the only person who can become a reality is Daryl Katz. It will not be nice, but there is only one address that can go with the hope of turning this thing and the sooner it happens better.

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