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Game Of Thrones: the inner story with Bran Stark

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So now: Bran Stark in the first season and in the eighth season

Important: There are no spoilers for the Game of Thrones in the eighth season, but this article contains some details of the plot until the end of the seventh season.

The end is close to Game of Thrones as it begins its final season, but the cast of the show fears the death of its characters for years.

A missing eviction is the first thing they are looking for when they get scripts for each series, says Isaac Hempstead Wright on Radio 1 Newsbeat.

Bran Stark has played since the first episode, when he was pushed from a tower and paralyzed by Jaime Lannister.

Bran had a sort of escape at that time, but Isaac was worried about being defeated ever since.

"The first thing everyone would do when they got the script was to check if they were dying," he says.

"Then, when they saw that they were safe, they would check if their friends died."

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Sorry partner, we did not see you there

And when the ax dropped (literally, sometimes) the display was so difficult for cast as for home fans.

"You would always be fearing a particular historical scene that you knew was emerging, like the red wedding."

If you have not seen the show a) why are you reading this?! And b) that is an important event in the third season when some important personages are assassinated; Most of them were the family on screen by Isaac, the Starks.

"We all knew that he was on his way and we were going to miss Michelle charming [Fairley] and Richard [Madden] and Oona [Chaplin]. That was very sad. "

"I almost resigned the first day"

Isaac has just turned 20. He has been playing at Game of Thrones since he was 11 years old.

Bran has survived seven seasons so long, spending a long time of his family and at home to travel "beyond the wall" and return as the three eyes of the crow, a psychic who lives for centuries.

But when the work began, Isaac was not sure he could cut the rhythm.

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Robb and Bran Stark with their new puppies direwolf in the first season

"I can remember the first day and we shot in this beautiful place called Tollymore Forest, just outside of Belfast. It rained continuously all day.

"It was the scene where we found the chicken cubs and it was tireless.

"I remember going back to the hotel with my mother and saying," I do not know if I can do it, it's very hard & # 39; "

And surely things got cheered the next day, but conditions rarely improved for the cast while filming the show for most of a decade.

"It was a very good introduction to what climate we would be facing during the next nine years of our lives."

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Isaac and her brothers on the screen Sophie Turner and Maisie Williams, portrayed in 2014, have grown together on the show

"There is no sexual relationship with your brothers"

Starting the show, the boy meant that Isaac was exposed to things that most people do not have until much later in life.

Incest, extreme violence and sex are recurring themes from the beginning.

The character of Isaac Bran is pushed from the castle tower when he captures brother and sister Jaime and Cersei Lannister having sex in the first episode.

He says there were parts of the early seasons that were too young to see.

But he says that seeing some of the most impressive scenes of the program being filmed was less traumatic for him than what they could have been for the viewers.

"When you're on the set and see a beheaded body and see the boy hiding behind the pumping block by taking blood from the prosthesis, he pulls out all the magic of it," says Isaac.

"I knew-sex, it only meant that my mother would give me endless shameful lectures on her and I would say things like:" So dear, without sex with brothers or sisters, that's bad. "

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Cersei and Jaime Lannister back to the first season

But while what happened in the set did not affect him, it was what happened in real life, which made him understand the change that Game of Thrones did.

"The university was the first time I liked it:" this is not a lot of fun ", says.

Isaac left his math and music course at the University of Birmingham in 2017 after only eight weeks due to the attention he received on campus.

"I expected people to be livelier, but I did not see it. This was really complete.

"I could not leave my halls without having to do a selfie. I was terrified to go out and get drunk because everyone would be watching and taking pictures."

The ending is scary & # 39;

But while it is clearly more comfortable in front of the television cameras than being picked up by the fans, Isaac is ready to mark this moment and move on.

"It was spoken of all those who did it from the pilot season to the last to get a tattoo," says Isaac.

"There are only about eight of us from the original pilot who is still alive.

"It's really weird: we all feel that we live a whole life and career, but our lives have just begun so it's a pretty surprising position.

"It's really exciting. It's terrible, but it's exciting."

There were some extra bits from our interview with Isaac that we really do not want to cut. Below are some bonus bonuses.

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Promise me Ned … do not tell me spoilers

Spoilers for Sean Bean

Sean Bean had no idea what happened to his character Ned Stark in the first series, until his work colleagues gave the news.

"We were rolling the pilot with Jennifer Ehle, who originally played Catelyn Stark and we were just talking," says Isaac.

"She said: & # 39; If you die at the end of the first book, Sean. & # 39;

"He goes," what? I did not know he was being killed. "

His teachers loved him

When the shooting ended and Isaac returned to school, their classmates were not those who were impressed with their TV work: they were too young to worry about the land of Westeros.

"It was the teachers who were very excited," he says.

"I had a good English teacher who was a Game of Thrones fan: he was very sweet.

"I think it meant that I could interact with them as an adult."

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