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Meghan Markle presents an elegant new look during the London visit

A brilliant Meghan, Duchess of Sussex, left her second real commitment in London in two days.

The pregnant duchess welcomed the baby coup when she arrived at the Commonwealth Association of Universities, one of her four new patrons, The Sun reports.

It was a busy start of the year for the 37-year-old, with the visit of his sixth engagement in just three weeks.

And he will even go to Bristol on Friday (local time) with Prince Harry, 34, for a seventh commitment to learn about the city's cultural history.

But despite its full calendar, the former actress seemed as happy as she received it at the University of London.

Wearing a Givenchy black coat and a pleated dress, Meghan retrieved her hair in a bun for the visit.

The good looks are in contrast to its usual unpleasant appearance that has seen beauty specialists see an increase in people who hope to imitate style.

Meghan received a rock star's arrival today when the students encouraged and waited when the king left the car.

During the tour, he spoke with students and academics on the ACU network, which helps to support more than 500 institutions in more than 50 Commonwealth countries.

He even talked to a student, Hilary Harawo, a student in Ghana, via Skype.

Meghan's passion for education became clear for the first time when he spoke in Fiji about his own experiences in paying his own way.

In the fiery speech, Meghan revealed that it was thanks to scholarships and financial aid programs that could attend the university, study theater and international relations.

After receiving her new patronage by Queen at the beginning of the year, she visited each of the charities and joined Prince Harry for two separate appointments.


It's been revealed that staff at Kensington Palace are spending hours moderating and eliminating abusive comments directed at Meghan and Kate Middleton.

From sexist comments to racists – and second Hello! Even violent threats: the torrent of online abuse towards the duchesses of their "rival" fanatics is becoming a serious problem.

The sun informs that although Meghan and Kate do not have their own social networking accounts, abuse is circulating among their followers, with real camps making both women face each other.

From insults about his personal appearance, judicious statements that Meghan is practicing a "fake" blow in pregnancy, trolling varies from the ridiculous to what he refers to.

Some are still using the hashtag #Megxit, to share their opinions, with a troll troll like: "Why #MeghanMarkle never wears stockings?

"It's winter in England. The stockings do not go with the moonbump? Could you appease the cushion? #Megxit"

While toxic comments come from a number of Twitter accounts, it is not representative of all fans, with several real bloggers who admit that trolling is "scandalous."

But, unfortunately, it seems to be at a worse level than ever, after one of the fanatics, Charlotte, explained Elle The United Kingdom that hate him towards Meghan is "more sinister" than any abuse that Kate faced in the last decade.

"I started blogging about the Duchess of Cambridge weeks after the royal wedding in 2011," he said Elle.

"About six months before Harry and Meghan announced their commitment, I decided to blog about the future duchess.

"Within 24 hours of the release of the Mad About Meghan blog, I was overwhelmed by negativity, class, snobbery, racism and abusive attitudes towards Meghan.

"Although Kate certainly had shocking comments online and nasty articles, especially during her pre-wedding days (and previous) with the headlines of" Waity Katie, "there was something more sinister and arsonist about the reaction to Meghan."

Other duchess bloggers have shared a similar opinion, with the creator of Instagram @ Harry_Meghan_Updates explaining that periodically removes "evil" comments and even publishes statements to remind fans that they are kind.

The abuse has become so severe, now it is said that the staff looks for the help of Instagram to try to fight the problem.

Account a source Hello!: "You can erase and report and block people and the police have options around people in particular.

"It's something you should manage because there is no other way to control it."

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