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The Australian fighter aircraft used could cost taxpayers $ 1.1B: PBO

The purchase of Australian fighter aircraft used to strengthen the Canadian Royal Air Force is expected to cost taxpayers up to $ 1,100 million during the next ten or more years, the Parliamentary Budget Office reported.

That estimate, in a new analysis, is 22 percent higher than the figures presented by the Department of National Defense and will probably entail a new criticism of the liberal government plan.

Parliamentary budget prosecutor Yves Giroux analyzed the cost of buying 18 old F-18s, modifying them to Canadian standards, operating them by at least 2032 and eliminating them.

Aviation aircraft, which are the same time as the existing CF-18s of the air force, expect to arrive in batches between now and 2022.

Liberals have long insisted that the air force needs more fighters because it can not, at the moment, fulfill the commitments of the North American Aerospace Defense Command of complete alert at the same time.

The used F-18s are considered a stopping point until the federal government acquires 88 new fighters through a competition that is not yet going to be done.

DND planners estimated that the cost would be up to 895.5 million dollars.

The number of budget offices will be higher: between $ 1,09 million and $ 1,15 million.

Giroux says that the greatest difference between the two estimates refers to operation and maintenance.

Last fall, the general auditor also defied DND figures.

Michael Ferguson's latest report estimates that the purchase cost and operations would be approximately $ 1,020 million.

Giroux, on Thursday of his report, said that the cost could increase.

"The sensitivity analysis carried out in this report shows that prices could vary even more according to the two project schedules and the future behavior of flight hours within the fleet," the report said.

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