After the tests appeared throughout the summer, Gboard officially announced that it is using AI on the device to offer suggestions for stickers, GIFS and emoji according to what users write. It has always been possible to search content through the keyboard, but this feature brings automatic suggestions, alerting users through the Google button on the top left of the keyboard. Additionally, the Google keyboard application gained support for 37 new languages, including new variants of Russian and Arabic, as well as several indigenous languages ​​of North America.

However, the AI ​​suggestion feature will only be available globally in English from the current server update. Google notes that the suggestions will reach more languages ​​and more types of content "over time". In fact, in recent months we have seen that the active suggestion feature for search results for popular celebrities as well.

The new varieties of languages ​​include:

Albanian (Tosk)
Arabian (bahrein)
Arabic (Libya)
Arabic (Tunisia)
Bagheli (transliteration)
Bagri (transliteration)
Balkan Romani (Macedonia)
Bishnupriya Manipuri (transliteration)
Bundeli (transliteration)
Cameroon Pidgin
Cree (Latin script)
Cree (syllabic script)
Greek (Pontifical)
Guianano criollo
Hawaiian Pidgin
Inuktitut (Latin script) – without a dictionary
Inuktitut (syllabic script) – without a dictionary
Maay Maay
Malay (Central)
Nigerian Pidgin
Quechua (Ayacucho)
Quechua (Cusco)
Russian (Belarus)
Tulu (transliteration)
Uzbek is now divided into (Latin script) and (Cyrillic script) options
Vlax Romani

This double release of GBO news eliminates two significant updates we've been waiting for, adding the addition of a clipboard manager, we're just waiting for what could be an improved voice interpreter and possibly more themes. Never a boring moment with Gboard.

You can download the Google keyboard through the Google Play Store through the widget below or find it on the APK Mirror.

Gboard - the Google keyboard
Gboard - the Google keyboard