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The SIU investigating after the "interaction" between two Niagara policemen leaves one in a critical state with a bullet wound


PELHAM, Ont. – A 44-year-old officer has suffered serious injuries on Thursday in a shot that the Ontario police general said claimed to involve two members of the Niagara Regional Police Service.

The Special Investigations Unit said it was testing an "altercation" between two officers, one of whom suffered a bullet wound near noon at Pelham, Ont.

"The official was transferred to the hospital for treatment and then transferred to the general hospital of Hamilton," said SIU spokeswoman Monica Hudon.

"Understanding what happened and the relationship between the officers is part of the SIU investigation. I can only say that there was an altercation and that a firearm was downloaded and an officer was surprised."

Hudon added that the agency has assigned 11 investigators, including three forensic experts, to the case. She said it's too early in the investigation and there were no arrests.

She asked for any information, especially anyone with video evidence, to contact the SIU.

The Niagara Regional Police, OPP and SIU attend a scene near Roland Road and Sulfur Spring Drive in Pelham, Ont. on Thursday, November 29, 2018.

Aaron Lynett / The Canadian Press

The Niagara regional police said in a statement on Thursday night that the officer was in stable conditions. The officer has 28 years of service and his name "is not being released at this time," said the force.

"In the spirit of transparency, I asked the Ontario District Police to determine if there were criminal offenses outside the scope of the SIU," said Bryan MacCulloch, head of the Niagara Regional Police.

"The next days and weeks will be testing for the NRPS family and the community we serve," MacCulloch said. "I ask for your support for our members and all those involved."

Local residents said the filming led to a squadron race car to compete on the scene early in the afternoon.

Robin Zavitz said he was driving home at 1:30 p.m. when he found a police blockade. She said she could see a police SUV in a ditch and numerous squad cars.

"The police car is in the front line of the ditch and there seems to be no damage," said Zavitz.

"It's scary when a policeman was shot in the middle of the day."

The Ontario police guard says he is investigating an incident of gunfire in which an officer was seriously injured.

Robin Zavitz / The Canadian Press / HO

Zavitz said a police car was blocking the road at the same intersection all morning, but added that police activity did not occur until early in the afternoon.

The Niagara regional police raffled on Thursday before the road was partially closed by an investigation. Hudon said the investigation was related to a collision that occurred days before, but it was not made anymore.

Mike Shepherd was driving home when he found the same intersection at 11:30 a.m. An officer was in his squad, blocking the road to the east, said Shepherd.

"He said they were doing an accident investigation on the road."

Just over an hour later, said a hasty ambulance.

The province's air ambulance service said it was transporting a patient from a St. Catharines, Ont., To a center of trauma in Hamilton with critical injuries.

SIU is an arms agency that is automatically urged to investigate reports related to the police where there were death, serious injury or sexual assault charges.

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