Thursday , October 28 2021

Video game launches: Artifact, Parkitect, Nairi – Tech News


Although the action adventure Darksiders III I can not escape the legacy of its predecessors, digital card game Artifact It makes a great splash, well-received designer of theme parks Parkitect establishes his position, e Nairi: Shirin Tower wandering at sight, while Ride 3 It offers 30 race tracks and motorcycling Flat children breakdance battles on PS4 and Xbox One.

Darksiders III
For PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Windows PC from November 27

The debut of the 2010 franchise Darksiders It was welcomed as a great re-imagination of classical series Legend Of Zelda, although the later entrances fought to live up to the same high filigree. This third entry has neither War nor Death, but Horsewoman of the Apocalypse, Fury, as the main character trying to prevent the end of the world.

Flat children
For PS4, XBO from November 27

Let the breakdance battle start and build a loyal team with skillful dance moves and nice crowd and transitions in this game for one or two players. DJ Kid Koala offers the OST. Well received on its previous PC and Nintendo Switch releases.

For WinPC, Mac, Linux as of November 28. Mobile editions in development.

Who says that Valve does not make games? The acclaimed developer of Half-Life, Portal e Dota 2and operator of the Steam platform of PC games, returns with an expansion of the digital card game for the Dotaverse that has its two players controlling three battles of cards at the same time. Additional card packs can be purchased through the game client or Steam store.

Nairi: Shirin Tower
For WinPC and Nintendo Switch from November 29

Travel through the oasis of the city of Shirin, finding its animal inhabitants, solving puzzles and finding the truth behind their mysterious tower. Inspired by The Last Airbender, History of toys e Spiritual adventures.

For WinPC, Mac, Linux as of November 29

Design and manage a theme park that works in a simple way, including the novelty of the SIM genre, the vital staff and the stage areas that are supposed to remain hidden from view. Already very well received during a rapid development phase of two years of early access.

Ride 3
For PS4, XBO, WinPC as of November 30

230 bicycles (70 of which are new to the Ride series), 30 GP, highway and supermoto races, career-based career mode and a livery editor are focused on this improvement in the franchise formula.

In addition, the clutch of this week's Nintendo Switch forwarding includes the challenge of collecting resources ARK: Survival has evolved, the experience of citizens in time of war This mine war, stylized pilot Horizon Chase Turbo, serene sea explorer Abzu, adventure of forests The first tree and feline life sim Cattails. – AFP Relaxnews

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