Tuesday , July 27 2021

Calandria leaves O'Higgins and meditate retiring from soccer

Pablo Calandria I was surprised this morning at the press conference Higgins. The Argentinian, together with his preparation for the important meeting against the Catholic University, announced that he will not continue Painting of Rancagua and that would also leave professional soccer.

"These last two will be my last two meetings in Higgins, I have already decided and it is a personal decision. It ended a stage for me. I hope to enjoy these days that I stay within a court, training. Happy to be six years at a club that gave me everything. Many joys, also some sadness. Always with your head and looking for the best, " He watched Calandria, 36 years old.

"I did not decide at all, I'm more to finish (the career) and today the most important thing was to make this decision. I thank everyone and this should continue "He added the center forward, who was a champion with the rancaginians in the Transition of 2013.

Calandria also assured "I just finished the championship, I'm going on a vacation for 15 days and there I think it's all right, calm. The truth is that everything that you have decided is not. Therefore, those 15 days will be good for me to be with my family and with my friends. Then we'll see where we go. "

Finally, the trans-Andean, around a possible continuity in soccer, added that "I would have to go to a place that can fill me a lot and that's hard to find today. The door can never be completely closed, but I think it is difficult to continue. The first decision was to close the stage Higgins. "

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