Thursday , July 29 2021

Conadecus calls on the Supreme Court to reverse TDLC's decision in favor of Latam

The entity indicated that "they do not allow to establish as sufficient the mitigation measures established in the Resolution that vindicates".

Finally, the National Corporation of Consumers and Users of Chile (Conadecus) filed a complaint in the Supreme Court to reverse the judgment of the Free Competition Defense Court (TDLC) that gave the green light to the agreement to merge routes between Latam with American Airlines and IAG

The grounds of Conadecus to appeal are based on the risks that may represent "for free competition and consumers can have a concentration". In addition, on the same line they indicate, the TDLC's failure "does not allow the mitigation measures established in the Resolution requested as sufficient to compensate adequately and reasonably the risks mentioned."

This is justified, according to the appeal because there are "problems that affect the air market in general and in respect to the directly affected routes, difficulties that are long-standing and that are aggravated by the existence of JBA." The Conadecus refers to the main risks for the air transport of passengers, product of the cooperation agreements that gave rise to the Consultation of the Association of Tourism Enterprises of Chile (Achet).

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