Saturday , October 23 2021

Eduardo Vargas stars with the Tigers technician


The Chilean striker Eduardo Vargas He added a new controversy in Mexico. And is that according to the newspaper published on Tuesday Registration from that country, the attacker along with Brazilian midfielder Rafael Carioca starred an altercation with the coach of Tigres, Ricardo "Tuca" Ferretti, during a team training.

According to the publication, Carioca and Ferretti exchanged shouts after the strategist replicated him by the passes he was giving. On the other hand, Vargas showed a similar attitude during work, although without getting to alter.

[VIDEO] The spectacular goal of Eduardo Vargas for the Tigers of Mexico

The situation was solved only when the coach sent both players train separately from the rest of the squadron.

Before this episode, the president of Tigers, Miguel Ángel GarzaHe said that this type of event benefits the campus and does not alert the leadership.

"I consider that it is a positive subject, of a group unit, that this type of friction is due to the demands demanded by coaches and players themselves. It's good that there is also a character in the court to take these things forward, "said the" feline "leader, according to the Record's publication.

He also stressed that the friction between the players and the coach is considered one "The normal, like a more training".

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