Tuesday , July 27 2021

How to create stickers for WhatsApp?

WhatsApp is one of the most popular instant messaging applications in the world, although that does not mean that it is one of the most innovative, far from it. The arrival of adhesives for the application was, for many, one of the most anticipated features.

Now that the stickers are already available in WhatsApp, more applications have been created to create our own stickers, with their own photographs and images in a very simple way.

What is the best application?

There are many applications available in the Play Store to create your own label packages, but the application that we recommend is the easiest to handle.

Your name is Tag study, It's free and is compatible with Android; To download you can click here.

What do I do?

You must start the application and click on the "+" button. You can choose an image from your gallery or take a picture at the moment.

With that, we can create stickers for our photos, with our friends or whatever you want.

Once you have the chosen image, you must draw the silhouette of the image you want to use as a label; It will be saved in a new package.

Once we have the package saved, click on the WhatsApp icon and let us import it into the message application.

And now, you can send them as any other sticker.

We recommend using PNG images (with a transparent background), since it is much simpler and our mistakes in the cut are not appreciated so easily, otherwise, be careful so that the stickers do not look so bad.

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