Wednesday , March 3 2021

Hugo Valencia spoke about the relationship with her ex in La Divina Comida

Undoubtedly, the program that seeks the best head of four nights not only improves the culinary skills of celebrities, but also It creates moments of intimacy and trust where the hosts open their hearts and make several confessions.

This is what happened in this new chapter of The divine food, where the TVN morning panelist, Hugo Valencia, confessed the sentimental situation that lives now, after the question asked by actress Yasmín Valdés at home.

"I am single … but I have a story with my ex-partner who still exists and there is a link that I still could not break"

These were the words with which Valencia commented to its guests about the loving the reality that is living and that in more than one opportunity felt judged by its closest circle to the decisions it made on the subject.

For guests it was a story that surprised them by surprise, since they did not know the situation of the journalist, who They also expressed their opinions and presented their points of view in the complicated situation. Hugo, on the other hand, ended the issue saying that His ex still means a lot to him and could end up dying if he ceases to see him.

See here all the details of this great confession of Hugo Valencia in #LaDivineComited.

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