Tuesday , June 22 2021

MG wants the cacique in an international triangle

The company that sponsors Popular also has commercial links with the Reds and the SIPG of Shanghai. The idea is to make a mini tournament in mid 2019.

MG Motors launched Colo Colo's new sponsor in 2017 in replacement of DirecTV. And they want to bet a lot with the Cacique.

How is it like that? According to Third, will seek to make a triangle in China where Colo Colo and Liverpool are included, neither more nor less.

The British company, managed by Chinese investors, He wants to take the Cacique, the Reds and there to join them with the SIPG of Shanghai, another club where they are sponsors.

This proposal, always in the morning, is already in the hands of Black and White And the idea is to do it during the recess of Europe in 2019, that is, by mid-year, taking advantage of the fact that Copa América will play on these sides.

This must be approved by the dealer and, moreover, by the sports director, Marcelo Espina, to see if it takes place or goes to the long list of level-friendly ones that were never made.

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