Thursday , July 29 2021

New information from Daniel Correa Freitas, soccer player killed

Mexico City –

After that Daniel Correa Freitas, soccer player Sao Paulo, found out on October 27, the investigation continues to reveal new details of the brutal murder.

The lawyer of Eduardo Henrique Da Silva, one of three accomplices of Edison Brittesconfessed assassin Daniel Correa, revealed that he just wanted to castrate the new footballer but he changed his mind after reviewing the mobile phone Daniel Correa Freitas where She found some messages with the images of her sleeping woman.

"They were aiming to protect it, to castrate it and leave it uncovered to seek help, but not to kill it," Diario Globoesporte attorney said.

But Edison Brittes He stopped his vehicle, went to the trunk where Correa was and attacked him with stabbed neck. After that, he cut off his genitals with a knife.

According to the Civil Police in the state of Paraná, Eduardo Henrique Ribeiro da Silva, cousin of Christian Brittes, the wife of Edison Brittes, was arrested last Wednesday in her house in Foz de Iguazú, while two others were considered fugitive.

After the authorities reconstructed what happened on the night of the death of Correa, the businessman Edison Brittes Junior, assassinated confessed, his wife, Cristiane and the daughter of both, of 18 years, were arrested.

The businessman testified before the authorities and admitted his guilt in the crime, committed, according to Brittes, after Correa allegedly tried to violate his wife during the anniversary of her daughter.

Brittes' wife also alleged that he had an attempted rape by the player, but Commissioner Amadeu Trevisan, responsible for the case, said he had "confidence" that the family "lied" in the statement he offered to the police.

One of the last witnesses to offer his statement was a 19-year-old girl who was in the house of the metropolitan area of ​​Curitiba, where Correa was caught in bed with the employer's wife Edison Brittes Junior.

She said that Brittes Junior "ordered" her and the other guests of the party of her daughter Allana, who was 18 years old and also among the detainees, to clear the bloodstains due to the beatings that the soccer player received. years

The girl said that "even the mattress of the wedding was cut in the part where there was blood" and that piece "was burned along with Daniel's documents," according to the cars leaked by the GloboEsporte portal.

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