Friday , June 18 2021

Sacyr analyzes offers to become effective with 49% of the concession business in Chile Companies

Sacyr says he's one step away from realizing it the sale of 49% of the Chilean subsidiary of concessions, as confirmed by the group's financial director this afternoon, Carlos Mijangos, before analysts and investors. The group would thus give an investor who became his First market for the exploitation of infrastructures. The closure of the operation is expected for the spring of 2019.

Sacyr claims to complete a selection between "multiple samples of interest", now opening the analysis phase. The Chilean concession basket consists of six freeways (685 kilometers), an airport and the Antofagasta hospital (671 beds), which totalize a total investment 2,450 million. The participation in these assets, of which a highway and airport will still be operated, oscillates between 50% and 70%.

The Chilean concession market generated revenue 117 million euros in the first three quarters, which represents 21% of the turnover of Sacyr Concesiones. The billing peso is similar to that of assets in Spain and exceeds that of other Sacyr Concessions markets.

Significant reactivation in construction

The strong extension of the area of ​​Engineering and Infrastructure Sacyr, before the warmth of the behavior in the business that the competitors are showing Ferrovial and FCC, triggered the results of the company chaired by Manuel Manrique at the end of the third quarter.

Sacyr declares 373.8 million of total EBITDA, with an improvement of 37.6% over the same period of 2017. In the case of Sacyr Ingeniería e Infraestructuras, which contributes to 95.1 million, the increase is 281%. However, it remains the main motor of the gross operating profit of the group the area of ​​concessions, with 195 million and an improvement of 12%.

The company has a net profit of 109 million, 13% higher than that declared a year ago, after the four business areas reached an ebitda.

Revenue reaches 2,702 million euros (58% abroad), 20% more and the gross margin increases from 12.1% in September 2017 to the current 13.8%.

The portfolio also shows a considerable growth of 40%, up to 41,633 million euros and net debt is 3,817 million euros, once total divestment was recorded in Itínere, still under construction.

A return to normality in Sacyr accounts allowed the resumption of a regular dividend policy, with an annual return target of 4.2%. So far this year, shareholders have been paid with two split scrip, in January and in July.

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