Thursday , July 29 2021

San José golea at home to the University falling

San José consolidated yesterday as leader of the 2018 Closing of the Professional Division, after reaching a strong victory of 0-4 in Sucre to the opposed University, in compliance with the ninth-ninth date and held in the Homeland Stadium.

Is it imminent or declining? The university lost again as a place, it still does not lift its head and increasingly deeper into the accumulated table. Although the defeat was within the possibilities, the lack of attitude and ideas left a bitter feeling in the student's fanatic, who crashed with the local players and with the technical body at the end of the defeat suffered.

Jair Reinoso (11 & # 39; PT), Javier Sanguinetti (45 & # 39; PT) and Carlos Saucedo (36 & # 41; ST) were the capital's doctors, who suffered a new setback in the home.

Loss on the defensive area (Jorge Cuéllar and Jorge Ayala, expelled and injured Jefferson Lopes, were obvious and if it were not for a brilliant performance by goalkeeper Ivan Brun, the result could be more bulky.

In spite of it, "O" it began the game with an offensive vocation. After 5 minutes, Mikhail Aviles shot the free kick that followed, Carlos Franco set back the ball. The work filled with illusion the small student fanatic that was present in the Mother country.

However, the next goal reached the first goal of the saint. Didí Torrico made a run on the right, but Reinoso saw his volley fly wide of the mark 73 minutes into the game. It was 0-1 at 11 minutes.

The goal changed the direction of the game. The University was attacked and San Jose was expected to attack.

With time it was fulfilled, Sanguinetti received a pass inside the area and shot Brun, who this time could not avoid the fall of his porch. With 0-2 he went to rest.

Although the DT Adrián Romero sent to José Sardón and Oscar Diaz the court to look for the comeback, he never arrived; on the contrary, the visitor dominated the actions.

After two minutes of reinitiating the action, Reinoso directed a center within the area, which Brun approached with difficulty. Ten minutes later, the Colombian attacker tried again, this time with a powerful shot, but again the Argentine goalkeeper rejected the ball on one side.

San José solved the pelict in the final stretch with the entrance of Marcelo Gomes and Carlos Saudedo. The "Horse" scored twice to 36 & # 39; and 41 & # 39; with two separate shots.

Although seven dates and 21 points are in play, the University student does not show signs of life.

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