Tuesday , July 27 2021

The deputy Andrés Celis requests that …

The deputy Andrés Celis requested the intervention of the agency against Sebastián Moreno, who is linked to a millionaire robbery in the Salvadoran division.

The attachment Andrés Celis Montt asked or Council of Defense of the State (CDE) to investigate the background presented in the report "The Shades of Moreno" emitted by FoxSports, which details a possible relationship between Sebastián Moreno, current Secretary General and candidate for the presidency of the National Football Association and the theft crime of 45,000 million pesos in copper concentrate in Minera La Escondida during the years 2011 to 2014.

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In the same letter to the CDE, the deputy asked for clarification of the actions and / or complaints presented in relation to the reported events, the results of the same and if Mr. Moreno, as Codelco's lawyer, provided real-time and expeditious collaboration. Along with this, determine if it is possible to act criminally against the candidate for president of the ANFP.

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In the report of the sports channel Fox Sport, It was established that Moreno had a close relationship with Sergio Jadue, who began to take shape when he was president of Club Cobresal.

According to the investigation in 2012, a millionaire robbery was detected in the Codelco El Salvador Division, information that was put into the hands of Sebastian Moreno, executive of the legal department of El Cuprífera in El Salvador between 2007 and 2015, who is now the candidate for the presidency of the Soccer Chilean has not carried out any research action.

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The antecedents in all cases came to the House of Representatives in 2014 where it was held where a Research Committee was formed, cases in which Moreno blamed the part of its advisors for omitting information.


With this background, Mr Celis also asked the Comptroller's Office to report if a claim was received for the actions of the former worker of Codelco and of the possible measures that could be taken.

This presentation is based on the fact that, being a public worker, it has been subject to the control of the organ and the duty of probity and administrative responsibility will prevail.

Finally, Celis will express his concern for "not wanting a Jadue 2" under the ANFP without ruling out the presentation of more trades to the Internal Revenue Service and other state bodies as new backgrounds appear.

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The MP, a member of the Sports Commission of the Chamber, also asked Codelco to clarify the reasons why Moreno was separated.

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