Thursday , September 23 2021

The failure that prevented the release of the new Luli program on YouTube

"We are happy because tomorrow, Thursday at 9:00 p.m., you will see the first chapter of" Shining like never before ". Follow our YouTube channel, because it can be the next #nicoleyjaviertebuscan protagonist."

With this message in his Instagram account, Luli Moreno announced his new web project on Wednesday. A kind of return to the screens, after its busy exit from the Live channel.

Despite the expectations generated by its publication, where hundreds commented and about 8 thousand users gave their "taste", the program that would be transmitted through social networks and YouTube channelI never saw the light.

"Friends! We are sorry that we have to say that, due to technical problems, we have not been able to upload the story we have said so much," he wrote this Friday after the failed release.

"We are working to solve the problem and be able to present the story of our friend soon, which looked like it. We hope that they understand us and send us all the positive energies so that everything is resolved later …" he added.

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