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the "secret" by Camila Cabello, Selena Gomez and other celebrities


Instagram Stories is one of the most popular options of the famous photo sharing application.

Since it was created two years ago, it has more than 300 million active users every day, according to data released by the company last year.

But if Stories revolutionized Instagram, a new one application in turn revolutionizes the stories of the social network

It's called Unfold And when writing this note you have more than 11 million users and has a growth rate of up to 100,000 downloads per day, according to the company's own data and other consultants such as Sensor Towers.

And all this in just ten months of life.

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It unfolds the works with other applications, but in Instagram Stories is where it is used more, reveals its creators.

Part of the success is because it is used by artists like Selena Gomez, Camila Cabello or the soccer player Sergio Ramos.

But the same also for the benefits it offers and a good campaign marketing what he used influencers to popularize it.

Why is it different

Unfold's idea is simple: make it available to the user models with which to illustrate the stories of Facebook, Snapchat and especially of Instagram, where it gained its popularity.

Camila Cabello climbs frequently stories e publications edited with Unfold.

Models are easily editable and adjust the size of the videos or photos we want to share.

It also includes different types to which Instagram Stories offers, with a very careful and professional design, and lets copy and paste texts that are not in it application.

The idea is to be able to personalize yours sTory so that it best reflects what you want to convey, show or sell.

How it works

O application It is available for free at the Apple app store and, more recently, in the Google Play store for phones and devices with the Android operating system. It also offers extra payment to which you can access application.

And once you open Undobra, you can record, take your photos and start edit Easily with the menu at the bottom.

Expand also allows one preview How will the story be seen in Instagram before you have to publish it. You can also save it to your spool.

To load it, you just have to go to Instagram Stories and go to the coil option to choose the image or the video edited with Displays you want to load.

A business of millions, created by two twentysomethings

The success of Unfold has already been generated $ 2.3 million so farl anus.

But behind that application There is no technological giant, but two young people of only 25 and 23 years of age. Alfonso Cobo and Andy McCune, respectively.

Unfold the application logo

Unfold, twenty years old, was launched in January and has already generated more than $ 2.

Cobo, a Spanish who studied architecture in the United Kingdom, saw a business opportunity when He tried to create a portfolio about his works through one application.

He did not find it and that was the idea.

But it was after meeting with McCune, a young American creator in marketing, through the sInstagram Instagram, that both joined to create Unfold.

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