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Trolling, jokes and a surprising duo: 5 provocative moments of the Robbie Williams show in Chile | Arts and Culture

In 9:30 p.m., as planned, the show of Robbie Williams Movistar Arena (the first in Chile in 12 years) was already underway. Before more than 12 thousand people, former Take That reviewed his career at the pace of a series of successes and diverse interactions with the public, all true to his style: closer to irony than to the cult of the pop idol, making it clear that his is a show for dance e to romanticize but also to do laugh.

The tribute to George Michael

"Do you remember George Michael?"Williams asked before designing a giant and iconic portrait on the screens: with a leather jacket, jeans and jupo in the days of Freedom, song that the British version in 1996. Without a doubt, one of the most discothequeros and illuminated moments of the night. "They are not gay, but I would have oral sex", Joked Williams. "It's the best", added at the end of the piece, surrounded by dancers.

"Come Undone" and provoking other artists

Before interpreting Come undetermined, one of his most popular singles, English made one of his most hilarious speeches. "All the artists have a song that everyone can sing", complained, and then list great successes of all time. Topics of A-ha, The Human League, Bruno Mars and Amy Winehouse, among others, they were listened to in their voice and in the later choir of the presents. The moment stretched for several minutes, in a multifaceted karaoke in styles. "Did you see? Everyone has it. Cursed"he lamented aloud. Until he slid the first line of Come undetermined And the premise collapsed completely

Something stupid and trolling a fan

With Something stupid (song that versioned with Nicole Kidman), came one of the uncomfortable moments of the show: when a fan went on stage he could not win the sympathy of the Arena. From the election to his arrival, everything was fine, but the problem occurred when asked about his nationality. "They are Uruguayan"said the girl, and the room was plagued with errors. Robbie, in his style, also contributed to the car. At that moment, he turned to his ear and said something. "Let's start over again. I'm going to ask: where are you from?"he insisted. "From Chile"She responded laughter with laughter, provoking the spontaneous applause of the crowd. "Ok"he said, looking at him from the corner of his eye.

"It is my father!"

Already, at the moment when Williams returned to the stage to seal his farewell to the last three songs, there was a big surprise, Best man, but this time with a special guest: Pete Williams, his father, who accompanies him on his tour of South America. "It's really my father!"He said, remembering a moment that since 2015 has been doing sporadically in its shows. During the song, they looked fondly. It was the most serious and authentic moment of Robbie: every type of joke ended at the time of the sober embrace between them. The farewell was of the same style, without allegories.

"Angels" and farewell

At the end of the night, the great anthem of the repertoire was reserved: Angels, this time in its English version and with a screen of lasers and lights that placed the singer in the middle of the stage. The most recorded and recorded song through smart phones, by far, that then gave rise to a version of My Way of Frank Sinatra with Robbie sharing the letters so they were encouraged to accompany him. Then, he was alone, quiet and silent, and began to check the sayings he sang that night. Only when it was the turn Angels, again, and the public returned to sing, the British said that his last dismissal on stage would never go back.

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