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2018-11-13 03:36:23 Source: Beijing Business Daily

The successful marketing of Chinese companies in the World Cup in Russia has left us with many classic cases. The 2019 World Basketball Cup will be held in China. This is the biggest international sporting event held in China between the 2008 Beijing Olympics and the Beijing Winter Olympics in 2022. It has also attracted the attention of many home appliance companies. A new round of sports marketing war is on the verge.

The relevant experts say sports events symbolize youth and passion. With "post-90s" and "after 00", gradually it has become the main force in the consumer market of household appliances. The design of sports brands in various brands of home appliances is on the one hand promoting rejuvenation of the brand. The new and modern brand image absorbs more new consumers.

On November 7, in the 2018 Global Sports Summit held by Tencent, Tencent Sports and Penguin Think Tank, they jointly launched the "China 2018 Basketball Industry Report", which demonstrated that China's favorable basketball players accounted for almost 50% of all sports enthusiasts. However, basketball became the first movement of the whole town. The number of basketball players under the age of 20 and 25-35 is 52% and 40%, ranked first in all sports, and basketball became a chase in the marketing of household appliances.

The giants of the home appliance industry do not want to lose the best marketing resources. In June of this year, TCL became the global partner of the 2019 World Cup of Basketball and main sponsor of the World Basketball Asian Qualifier 2018. However, under the limited and exclusive reality of official capital resources, finding a new way that effectively affects Users are a topic that home appliance companies need to delve into the World Cup basketball marketing.

According to the "Report of the China Basketball Industry of 2018", the penetration rate of mobile players among young basketball lovers of less than 20 years reached 71.5%. Nearly 80% of young fans hope to see more competitions at the same time. The new media penetration, cross-border in the fields of basketball and entertainment, fashion, etc. It has become the key for the brand to attract the attention of users.

As the world's best teammate in the 2019 World Cup of basketball and the exclusive partner of digital media in China, Tencent has the rights to live broadcast and distribution of the 60 most important international events of FIBA ​​including the World Cup of Basketball and Various rights inside and outside the Basketball World.

Through the new distribution of the contents of the media channel and the use of the stadium to show the rights and interests of the newer marketing scenario, we can achieve twice the result with half the effort, leaving the home appliance companies to publish the value of Marketing of the World Cup in basketball when setting up the new brand and becoming a leading global brand. .

"With the continuous technological innovation, almost the same price of household appliance settings is almost the same, so that the brand and the user base have become a magic weapon. With strong brand power and numerous resources can be profitable, that is why the same Household appliances companies love sports marketing. An industrial source has indicated.

(Source of article: Beijing Business Daily)

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