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No problem, there is no ambition, is Xu Jiayu Morozov | Xu Jiayu | swimming back _ Sina News

Original title: Without illness, without ambition, and there is Xu Jiayu

On November 11, Xu Jiayu was at the awards ceremony.

On January 11, at the end of the 2018 Summer Swimming Swimming World Cup of 1008 years, Chinese Xu Jiayu broke the world record with a 48-second result and won the championship.
According to the Xinhua news agency, on November 11, Chinese swimmer Xu Jiayu made an extraordinarily significant day: he won the 100-year round champion at the end of the FINA Short Pool World Cup Tokyo Station and broke with 48 seconds and 88 seconds Record of the short pool worldwide! This is the third gold medal you won in this competition.
Last weekend, Xu Jiayu took the 200m gold medals and 50m deep in the Beijing station, but did not sign up for the 100m move. Before going to the Tokyo Station, he once said with confidence: "I am anxious for my good news."
By the way, I was in Tokyo Station and won the laurels of 200 m and mi and 50 m deep. He was invincible in the final of 100 meters of final and re-wrote the Russian player Krisnikov on December 48. The world record is 48 seconds 90.
Xu Jiayu was dominant after the game ": Finally, the short pool (world record) has, is the long pool still far away? Chong!"
In the other male competitions, Kanno Kosuke won the medley gold medal of 400 meters, the morozov of Russia was the king in the butterfly of 50 meters; the Plygas of Russia dominated the chest of 200, the Chalmers of Australia won the free style of 200 meters, Wang Bronze Medal of Shun harvest; Australia's team won the 4X5050m fear relay championship for men and women.
In the female competition, the Japanese talented girl Ikemizu Hanako defeated the Swedish star Sturstrom in the 100-meter butterfly and Zhang Yuxi won the bronze medal, the Sibom of Australia won the 200-meter-long champion, Liu Yaxin held fifth place, or Atkinson de Jamaica Invincible in the 50-meter breast, Dutch star Cromovich Joel, teammate Heimskolk and Schelron from Sweden won the 100-meter free gold medal, Zhu Menghui held fifth place: Hungary "Iron Lady" Huo The dominance of Su Weiwei in the medley of 200 meters, Ye Shiwen won the bronze medal.
Tokyo Station is the sixth stop of the World Cup of Swimming and the second race of the third stage. This site has two world records. In addition to Xu Jiayu breaking the world record of 100 meters backstroke, the Russian star Morozov also rewrote the man. The world record of 100 meters.
From the 15th to the 17th of January, Singapore will compete in the World Cup finals this year. At the moment in the classification of the World Cup, Morozov and Sherst Morozov and Sturstrom led runners to lead men and women respectively, but in the list of medals and gold medals, Australian Larkin and Huo Sue are the leader.

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