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Sanjin 跤 手 Defeat Dragon City | Wrestling | Sanjin |梁 磊 _ 新浪 新闻

Original title: Sanjin 跤 手

Shanxi Evening News (November 3, 2018), "Love the Public Welfare" Cup of the 5th province of Shanxi, the end of the Dragon Championship, finished at the Provincial Sports Museum. After shooting and killing, Chen Liang, Fan Jian and Liang Lei respectively received 66 kilograms, 85 kilometers and 85 kilometers square.
The event was organized by the Provincial Sports Bureau of Shanxi and conducted by the Shanxi Province Sports and Weight Training Center. It is currently the largest and largest sport event in Shanxi's free fighting contest. This competition has three levels of light weight of 66 kg, medium weight 85 kg and heavy weight of 85 kg. There are three sub-stations and one end.
Because the competition was not limited to the professional foundation, without limitation for the region, attracted many fighters inside and outside the province to register in the competition. After almost half a year of fierce competition, Liang Lei, Bian Kai, Hu Zhanxiang, Fan Jian and other well-known experts can compete at the end of the Masters and compete for the title of each project champion. In the end, Chen Liang, Fan Jian and Liang Lei respectively received the 66 kilograms, 85 kilometers and 85 kilometers square champions respectively.
The struggle is a traditional traditional project in our province, with a deep mass base and broad social influence. Over the years, many prominent athletes have emerged in the free-fight project in our province. In 2008, Chang Yongxiang won the silver medal in Beijing's Olympic Fighting competition and gained a new breakthrough in the Olympic performance of the Chinese male-fight project: Han Yuwei, Zhang Zetian and Liang Lei won the National Games "three consecutive championships", the fighter Zhang Lan, the newcomer, Qi Xingru, also obtained good results in the international and national competitions. These prominent athletes have won honors for our country.

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