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A stepfather is captured as a deceased child at Kennedy


A brutal case of family assault could be resolved on Wednesday, with the capture of the stepfather of the victim. This was a girl who died in Kennedy, on March 1. The minor's death would be caused by a strong assault on his stepfather.

Prosecutorial investigators considered this after the minor's death. This was admitted on March 31 to the Kennedy hospital in critical condition. According to her mother, the girl suffered an accident at home.

But, among their injuries, doctors found lacerations in their private parts. The minor had different polymorphisms in his body, a broken care and a blood clot in the eyes and nasal passages, according to the Bogot√° Police.

The investigation was captured by the stepfather of the girl who died in Kennedy. According to the newspaper Time, the man was captured in Corabastos, where he worked. The man had been arrested at 1 in the morning and then taken to a court center. There his arrest was legalized and assigned to a lawyer.

The Prosecutor's Office would argue that the evidence would indicate the stepfather's fault in the brutal murder.

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