Thursday , July 29 2021

After a week's investigation, Madeleyn Ramos's body does not appear

The subcommittee of the Bombeiros de Soledad Brigade, Blas Araújo, said yesterday that, despite the intense search efforts that lasted a week, the body of Madeleyn Ramos García could not yet be found, which on November 5 was dragged by the stream El Salao, metropolitan area of ​​Barranquilla, when driving the vehicle in company of its husband and daughter Solomé.

"We made every effort, we made our effort, we did the most humanly possible, with the help of technology, with the help of many agencies to find the body of Madeleyn Ramos, but unfortunately, they spent almost a week of research and their body does not appear" said Araujo to the media.

He maintained that the area where the body could be trapped by the National Navy launches is still being monitored. "And with small boats that are collaborating with us and I hope that in those days we will be successful in the search and we can find Mrs. Madeleyn's body."

As it will be remembered on November 5, Madeleyn Ramos García, husband Marlon José Sandoval and his 5-year-old daughter, Salomé, spent the weekend visiting his family in Barranquilla. In the afternoon hours on Monday they returned to Cartagena, the city where he worked at the Barú Clinic as an instrumentalist. At the moments when he was trying to cross the stream of El Salao, he was sent trapped by the current that dragged the vehicle along the river and took it to the Soledad market.

Marlon Sandoval tells that he tried to leave before the current came to where they were, but apparently he was stunned and the water dragged him. He said that they asked for help from the people, who tried, but the strong current prevented them. He said that Madeleyn asked him to save his daughter, but he was expelled from the car and continued to be dragged by the strong current.

On Tuesday, the body of the girl Salome was found and some clothes and utensils from both.

In search of Madeleyn Ramos, Brigades of Civil Defense, specialized personnel of the National Navy, Firemen, National Police and volunteers participated since then, but until Tuesday in the morning they could not find the body. But do not lose hope that they will find you as soon as possible.

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