Thursday , July 29 2021

Invest in the strange death of the baby in Santander

The authorities in Bucaramanga He initiated an investigation to determine what are the causes of death of a 10-month-old baby which was taken by her aunt to the North Hospital.

According to the Metropolitan Police in Bucaramanga, the minor's family went to the medical center to ask for specialist attention, as the child presented abdominal swelling Nevertheless, its state of health worsened after its admission and it died.

"The aunt identifies a respiratory state and goes to the hospital where the child arrives without vital signs. Result of Legal Medicine and this will guide investigations into the fact of ", assured o General Manuel Vásquez, commander of the Bucaramanga Police.

Tatiana Chavez, Scientific Vice President of Instituto de Salud de Bucaramanga, said that the health status of the minor, when entering the medical center, was serious and that after a medical inspection Signs of physical violence have been found in your body.

"After resuscitation, the girl follows vital signs and the exploration the doctor discovered yes it had signals of abuse in the thorax and the chest", assured o Deputy Director of the Health Institute of Bucaramanga.

Although the authorities of Bucaramanga initiated an investigation to determine why the baby died for 10 months, will be the Institute of Legal Medicine that will confirm the death of the minor It was triggered by beatings and child rage.

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