Saturday , January 16 2021

Joey King and Jacob Elordi confirm their separation?

Fans are still worried and there is a growing suspicion that the couple ended their relationship.

Joey King and Jacob Elordi, protagonists of The Kissing Booth (2018), began a relationship this summer, but the couple's fans maintain that they no longer date and believe they have finished due to their activity in their Twitter and Instagram accounts.

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The hits in the relationship of Joey King and Jacob Elordi began when he announced he would take a break in social networks, which has made sense since then Jacob Elordi will begin filming his new Euphoria series.

After Jacob Elordi announced his break, Joey King published "Thank God I have my dog" a few days later on Twitter, after Jacob retreated to his Instagram account.

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Joey King and Jacob Elordi used to upload photos alongside Instagram, but from the break of Jacob Elordi (which began on November 14, 2018), the couple did not show signs of having a relationship.

Although Jacob Elordi eliminated his Instagram account, the couple's photos are still in the account of Joey King, but there are no recent photos of both. His last photo was uploaded in September, before both of them began their new projects.

Did your courtship officially end? The odds are that they are only very busy with their work and they continue to leave, regardless of the time apart. However, fans are still worried about it …


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