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Junior asked for a veto for Ricardo García Becerra for his parties

They do not want to see it anymore. Not in a friendly encounter. The arbitration of Ricardo García Becerra in the game that Junior and Envigado played 0-0 last Wednesday at the Metropolitano Estadio Roberto Meléndez, left so unhappy, annoyed and outraged to the members of the team of the club, whose managers sent a strong letter to protest against the president of Dimayor, Jorge Enrique Vélez, and the Arbitration Commission, in which they request that they not be appointed neither the local nor the visitor. He vehemently called for him to be vetoed by his parties. Otherwise, they will not play.

The red and white leadership, headed by President Antonio Char Chaljub, said García Becerra's decisions were incomprehensible and harmful to sharks during the game against oranges and made special emphasis on the expulsion of Enrique Serje 5 minutes and the initial penalty of one hand outside the area when it became and was a shame, as finally decreed later thanks to the help of an assistant.

The mission of the Caribbean club details the action that derives from the expulsion of the Series and considers that the referee santandereano has misapplied the regulation. It is explained that in the play the midfielder Atlasianist clearly clears the ball of a rival and then unintentionally invades George Sanders, who was punished in the first instance with a warning. However, when the English player showed blood in his leg, the referee hardened the penalty automatically.

Junior argues that the guys' metal traps and the low protection of many types of pimple shields that are currently used produce this kind of minor injuries, which are common in football. Something similar happened between Luis Suárez and Casemiro in the Spanish classic that Barcelona won 3-0 against Real Madrid last Wednesday at the Santiago Bernabeu stadium in the Copa del Rey. The Uruguayan crashed into action with the Brazilian and left the blows painted.

The letter also talks about the penalty that the referee almost stopped sanctioning. Despite the fact that he scored Envigado's barrier inside the area, he initially pointed to the hand that took place in the free kick of Marlon Piedrahita.

In the same way, García Becerra questioned the attitude that, at the end of the first half, when he retired in the company of his assistants to the dressing room, who looked and smiled face "provocatively."

Junior remembers that he has already sent a letter of protest for the arbitration of central Nicolás Gallo in the match that won 3-2 in Medellín on February 2 in the "Metro & # 39; and received no response. He also comments that it is frustrating that a team that has so much investment and that offers a great sporting spectacle that emphasizes the League, suffers this type of arbitrage. "The effort is lost".

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