Saturday , October 23 2021

Ronaldinho could be bankrupt, they say in Brazil Soccer curiosities


The rumors about alleged economic problems of the Brazilian football star, Ronaldinho Gaucho, are the subject of the day in their country.

According to a version of the UOL portal, the former player had just 24.63 reais (USD 6.61) in their bank accounts, something at least unusual for a figure with its fame and generous revenues.

The authorities would find that balance when intervening the accounts to try to collect a fine that exBarcelona and his brother have since 2015 when they were ordered to pay a fine of more than $ 2 million for the construction of a fishing platform in Porto Alegre without Construction license and in a reservation area.

It is surprising that the player has no money in his accounts because, even in retirement, he has the lifestyle of a celebrity.

In fact, the previous week he participated in China in the launch of a new line of Nike sneakers, his participation in friendly games with players and former players is frequent and he will soon be in Germany for the Game of Champions & # 39; all the events billed to the sponsoring brands by one of the stories of FC Barcelona.

Where is Ronaldinho's money? This is what the authorities of Brazil want to know.

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