Saturday , October 23 2021

Square Enix celebrates the 20th anniversary of Dragon Quest Monsters with an announcement


Last week, Square Enix announced that it would celebrate the 20th anniversary of the saga Dragon Quest Monsters through a live broadcast on NicoNico Live. This would take place on November 6 and many fans supposed that the Japanese company would have the opportunity to announce a new installment.

It turned out they were right. However, the announcement was accompanied by a surprise.

The information regarding this new delivery of Dragon Quest Monsters Is scarce The name and the release date are unknown. However, Square Enix announced it will reach the desktop consoles. At the moment it is unknown what they will be. Most importantly, Akira Toriyama –mangaka responsible for the art in the franchise since its conception, best known for its creation Dragon Ball– shared an art concept of the following entry:

Dragon Quest Monsters

Do not you recognize the characters in the illustration? They are neither more nor less than Erik, co-star of the newcomer Dragon Quest XI: Echoes of an elusive age, and Mia, sister of the latter. However, both appear as children.

The appearance of characters from the main saga in Dragon Quest Monsters It's nothing new. It should be remembered that the first game in this saga spin-off He presented the appearance of Terry and Milly – of characters Dragon Quest VI– like babies

The first delivery Dragon Quest Monsters It debuted initially in Japan as exclusive for Game Boy in September 1998. Unlike the titles of the main saga, the protagonist does not make his own battles. Instead, you must capture and raise the monsters that will fight for it. Think of it as the response from Square Enix to the franchise Pokemon.

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