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The family tragedy that lived in his childhood Claudia Lopez


Claudia López was not easy. Since the campaign of the seventh vote in 1990 led the policy. Their allegations have affected all the governments, from Ernesto Samper to Iván Duque. This presence has multiplied in the last 5 years as a senator, candidate for the vice presidency and leader of the Anti-Corruption Consultation. Today he is a candidate for the Green Alliance to the City Council of Bogotá, but has a "guardian angel." It is about her sister, who died tragically in her childhood.

When he was only four years old, Claudia López lived in the Prado Veraniego neighborhood, north of Bogota. One day he played with his Martica sister, three years old. The two girls were challenged to jump over the skylight of the house, so lucky that Martica fell.

As you remember the print edition of the magazine WeekThe girl at first glance seemed to be fine. He fell into a clothing basket and there were no blood spots indicating a strong injury. But this was recorded internally: Martica had suffered a broken neck and died.

In 2017, López said The viewer what happened "says he has the strength of his guardian angel: Martica, his younger sister, who died when they were small in a traumatic incident," the newspaper said on that occasion. Now, that force will be necessary in a very tough campaign for the mayor of Bogotá.

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