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The versions that were found after the fight that has a CTI agent on the brink of madness

HERALDO found the two sides of the coin in the fight that took place on January 24 between Carlos Alberto Reales Ibarra, a researcher in the Technical Investigation Body of the Attorney General and Ricardo Antonio Rumié Mejía, a businessman in the construction sector in Barranquilla outside a building located on Calle 74 # 50-53.

While the family of Reales Ibarra says that, as a result of the excessive aggression of the businessman, the investigator is in the medical condition, Rumié Mejía's lawyer distorts the affirmation and confirms that although there was such a fight, he was assaulted.

Through an official letter sent to this newspaper by his attorney Johnny Mercado, Ricardo Rumié Mejía expressed his "disagreement" with the versions presented yesterday morning by Rafael Emilio Reales Ibarra, brother of the Fiscal officer who is divided between life and death in ICU from the General North Clinic.

"I suffered several blows, several injuries for my humanity, and I was also a victim of expletives by Carlos Reales Ibarra, who was the one who provoked his aggression and insulted the differences I had with him that day," says the work.

Mercado, Rumié Mejía's lawyer, said that on the day of the incident, he was with his driver and the investigator Carlos Reales was in a red car with a woman, when he began to whistle to open it.

"Ricardo told me that this man (Royals) began to insult him to what my agent responded. However, this man approached him to hit him and both went to his fists," said the lawyer.

Ricardo Rumié Mejía also indicated in his statement that he is willing to give explanations of the case within the investigation that advances by the fact and also argued that who should be "worried" is he.

"Being a researcher of the Real Ibarra of the CTI can use such a condition to orchestrate fallacies against me."

About a meeting that Rumié celebrated with the sectional director of the Attorney General, Rodrigo Restrepo, in the office was strongly denied.

"I do not know the Director of Public Judgments, I never had dialogues with him. In such a way that it is a vile lie that says I'm trying to distort the investigation."

The construction businessman also distorted the statements that he is an "aggressive" man.

"I have never been investigated for behaviors that are trying against the family, I have never been prosecuted, I have no criminal record, then it is also a lie that I am an aggressive person."

Royal Family The statement by Ricardo Rumié and his lawyer is opposed to what said Rafael Reales Ibarra, brother of the CTI's researcher, who also came to HERALDO this morning to give his version of what happened on January 24, based on him, in which his brother he told him a day later.

"My brother was in his vehicle and there was a traffic jam, on his left side a car whistled insistently because he intended to enter the parking lot of a building located in number 50-53 where are the offices of Rumié. Since my brother could not move the car due to confusion, the driver of the other car came down with his hands. My brother told me that he thought that the man would talk to him to ask him to move and that he had thrown out of the window and without saying a word, energumeno began to hit him with his fists in the head. "

According to Rafael, his brother had been defenseless because Rumié prevented his body from opening the door without stopping to beat him.

"The man stopped hitting him and left the building and, at that moment, Rumié's driver kept the door to my brother to stop him from going down to pursue him. However, when he managed to get out of his car, he was behind the employer to demand what he had done and caused him to attack him with greater fury, "said Rafael Reales.

In his statements, Reales Ibarra also indicated that the section director of the Public Prosecutor's Office "held a meeting with Rumié Mejía" and spoke of "corruption" within the investigating body.

Rafael Reales Ibarra also had the delicate health situation experienced by his brother who performed three times the surgery to eliminate the blood clots that he has in the brain and that he maintains intensive care at the health center.

We are prepared "Honestly, my brother is very serious, we are praying for him," Rafael Reales acknowledges about his brother's health situation and that his chances of surviving "are very few" and if he does "have consequences."

"My parents, their children, their wife are very affected by everything that happened, waiting for a miracle to save my brother. I am prepared for what comes, but I know they will be very difficult," he said.

Carlos Alberto Reales Ibarra, is 50 years old and is the father of five children, two adults living in Santa Marta, where he and three children living in Barranquilla.

Since the birth of the Public Prosecutor's Office in Colombia, in 1991, Carlos is part of the research body and is currently part of the Office of the Attorney's Office.

The prosecution denies

The statements issued by Rafael Reales Ibarra also echoed the General Prosecutor's Office of the Atlantic, so that its director, the prosecutor Rodrigo Restrepo, also addressed these means to correct what the lawyer said about the alleged meeting that he had with "O supposed aggressor "Ricardo Rumié Mejía.

"I do not know Ricardo Rumie, therefore, the statement that is made and suggests that acts of corruption on the part are vile and slanderous," said Attorney Restrepo.

In the same way, the section director of the Public Prosecutor's Office assured that: "this situation obliged me to initiate the corresponding criminal actions against the person who delivered the said version."

The sectional director of the Atlantic Prosecutor's Office said he was aware of the health of "dear colleague Carlos Reais."

"Since Thursday, I personally went to the clinic and because I was in the ICU, they did not let me in, but abroad I interviewed his wife and I was in a chain of prayer for his recovery," he said.

Meanwhile, the investigation into Ricardo Rumié Mejía for the complaint filed against him for the personal injury offense against Carlos Reales Ibarra is carried out by the 18th Office of the Unit of Life, which includes elements of evidence to determine the way in which they occurred. facts, circumstances of the time, form and place in which they were presented, by then call to the industralist the interrogation.

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