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These will be the 10 most advanced technologies of 2019, according to Bill Gates and MIT

The intestinal tube in a pill, the prediction of premature infants and an electrocardiogram in the pulse are three of the ten technologies chosen.

Bill Gates and MIT presented the 10 most innovative technologies of 2019EFE

For 18 consecutive years, the MIT Technology Review It has released a list of 10 technological advances that will have a profound impact on our lives.

This year, however, he decided to do it for the first time in the hands of one of the most influential people in the world of technology: Bill Gates.

The list that presents Gates represents the idea that has on the point of inflection in the technological development that we approach like humanity. This list shows the technologies that make life longer for those who do it better.

This year, the top 10 technologies can be grouped into three groups: mitigating climate change, medical attention and artificial intelligence. These are:

1) Robot dexterity: Robotic hands that can handle objects that are not known.

2) New generation nuclear power: reactor designs, both fission and fusion, that can reduce carbon emissions.

3) Prediction of premature babies: a blood test that can warn of premature birth.

4) Bowel probe in a pill: a swallowing device that can show the digestive tract and perform biopsies.

5) Cancer vaccines to measure: a treatment that helps the body's immune system to attack only cancer cells.

6) Beef without meat: alternatives of meat of plant and laboratory origin that can reduce the emissions of the food industry.

7) Carbon dioxide sensor: techniques to absorb CO2 from the air and block it.

8) Electrocardiogram in the pulse: the ability of intelligent clocks to control heart health and warn of any problem in time.

9) Sanitation without sewage system: bath that is contained to reduce diseases and poor living conditions.

10) AI speaking assistants: advances in natural language processing that allow digital assistants more natural conversations.

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