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Water cuts for this Tuesday, November 6 and Wednesday, November 7 in Bogotá on News of Colombia Radio Santa Fe 1070 a

November 6, 2018 4:04 a.m.

– The following are the sectors that suspended the water service next Tuesday 6 and Wednesday, November 7 in the capital of the Republic for the maintenance and rehabilitation of networks, the installation of pipes in road works and new houses, which will advance the Aqueduct and Sewerage of Bogotá.

Tuesday, November 6, 2018


José María Carbonell and Villa Anny.
From the 78I crossing to 79D, between 73A South Street and 73G Bis diagonal.
08:00 a. m 24 hours
Collect the aqueduct network

Wednesday, November 7, 2018


Prado Veraniego Norte and North Garden Town.
From street 129 to street 134, between race 54 to race 76.
10:00 a. m 24 hours
Fun of the aqueduct network


Catalina, Jaqueline, Timiza B and O Socorro.
From career 78 to career 74, between 41 Bis South Street and 43rd Street South Avenue.
From career 74 to career 73, between 42B Bis C Street south to 45 South Street.
From 43rd South Street to 57C South Street, between Carrera 78 and 77G.
08:00 a. m 24 hours
Maintenance of the pressure reduction station

Tintal, Tintala, Magdalena and Vereda Tintal.
From 6D Street (North side) to Calle 16C, between Avenida Ciudad de Cali and Carreira 98.
08:00 a. m 24 hours
Collect the aqueduct network

Santa Fe

From street 26 to street 39, between race 7 to race 14.
09:00 a. m 24 hours
Collect the aqueduct network

Rafael Uribe Uribe

Haciendas de Santa Sofía, Colinas, Resurrección, San Luis and Pijaos.
From the 32nd to the south of the 40th street. Between Carrera 10 and Carreira avenue 17.
08:00 a. m 16 hours
Collect the aqueduct network

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