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A great change with Dana and Vladimir: the transformation turned her life into the back

Three quarters of the year since filming, a great change has occurred in the husband and wife. Both admitted that the program helped them a lot. "The relationship between us is better and better, and we communicate". The program opened his eyes and helped them, "they praised." From my point of view, communication is very intimate, even in intimate matters. "The husband is more open in this, he can talk about it and now I can say what worries me "Dana admitted.

Although both at the beginning of the filming they alleged that they did not burst after the other, after several days everything was different. "I lost this, we did not go that way for a long time, and when I saw it, it was a great fit for her, she was a very different woman, she changed for the better, dressed better, practiced," said Vladimir from his wife. Immediately after returning home, his wife was ashamed that during the shooting he would dance. Today they are dancing together!


GALLERY: 10 younger years: will the radical transformation of a collapsed marriage be preserved?

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10 younger years: will the radical transformation of a collapsed marriage be saved? – 1

Nor Dana initially wanted to admit that she lost her husband. "At the beginning I forgot, but I was stuck with the children, but then it started to miss me." I said: "I am in love with him for the second time," he said,

She recalled very positively about firing. "She gave me a lot of money, I made my thoughts and awareness of themselves and the formation of the woman's figure is so terribly addictive and she used to go a little abruptly because of the horns' skin so that it looks so bad. I'm not afraid to laugh" , said. Since then, he has dropped a little more weight and followed a very strict diet. "I heard certain things that are added to the thickness, I practice, dance more," he added.

Spouses even boasted that people turn behind them. "Undoubtedly it's nice, you'll see that change has been worth something," Vladimir said. Dana keeps her husband. "I will always show my women at work that she is mine," she laughed. But her husband is also jealous. "He is so jealous, without scenes," said Vladimir.

The great subject of the work was the grandmother Michalek, to whom the husbands take care of the place of their daughter. Since filming, the relationships have improved a lot. "We were with my daughter – after a year and a half that we were visiting for the weekend, took it to the rest of my family, it worked, worked, fixed my life, we were afraid of the reaction of the little one but managed to accept it as aunt" The daughter also accepted her, in a way she did not have anything else and I think she would be better and better with her, "said Dana. But Misha is ready to say the truth once." Sometimes the environment is bad, so We leave it with others, before I learn from others, "he added.

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