Wednesday , October 20 2021

After the explosion, the floor in Příbram had flames, three injured helicopters


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Fire reached one of the floors in a four-story building. The fire station is located nearby, so they intervened almost instantly. "Shortly before six o'clock in the evening, they informed us of a fire in the apartment unit. There were three tanks in place," said Jaroslav Gabriel, a firefighting spokesman in Central Bohemia, at

In addition, during fire fighting, firefighters proceeded quickly. Under control, they received flames in about ten minutes, and the total extinction lasted three quarters of an hour.

Three men were injured in the fire, according to Gabriel. "They were delivered to the medical rescue service, which arrived so fast. She also called the helicopter."

The firefighters then verified the neighboring housing units if the fire did not extend further. It ended negatively, the other apartments remained untouched and the statues of the whole house were not disturbed either. However, the flames destroyed part of the floor in which the fire spread. "Until the moment that the explosion took place, the window is filled in the street," said Gabriel.

News reports on evacuation of neighboring apartments did not have a firefighting spokesman. "The mayor of the city is in place. We do not try emergency accommodation, nor do we have news that people will be out. So, as success has been fast, there have been no restrictions on other residents of homes," said Gabriel.

According to the spokesman, the damage reached 100 thousand crowns. The cause of the fire is still under investigation.

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