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"Beat" in Prerov "died" Paul Rausnitz. Owner Meopty and veteran of war lived for 90 years – ČT24 – Czech Television

Rausnitz celebrated its 90th anniversary this year and in May he became an honorary citizen of Přerov. Adjudication of honorary citizenship was approved by the deputies in mid-February. Rausnitz flew through him from EE. UU., Where did you live alternately?

"Now I am a citizen twice. I am a normal Czech citizen and a Czech citizen Prerov. I am happy. I was born with the Czech Republic and I am dying with the Czech Republic, but I will die with two citizens. I am proud of it. I hope to use them for a few more years. ", said.

The family of Rausnitz left the republic in 1939 because of his Jewish history. Originally, they wanted to go to EE. U., But they finally arrived in Poland under the dramatic circumstances of the Soviet Union. In Czechoslovakia, Paul Rausnitz returned with his brothers as a soldier from the Czechoslovakian army, who entered at age 14.

A year after the end of the war, Paul Rausnitz escaped with his family to the United States, where his brothers founded WEPRA. First they imported Czech jewelry to the United States and when the Communists confiscated the property of Jablonec, they began to work with the famous company of Swarovski jewelry.

The company remains in the Rausnitz family

After 1990, Paul Rausnitz returned to Czechoslovakia, with his investments then rescuing the Meoptu de Prerov decline. He gradually built a thriving manufacturer of sports telescopes, riflescopes and special optical instruments.

A company with 2,300 employees is now among the largest entrepreneurs in the region. Meopty sales in recent years have been around two billion crowns.

The president of Meopty-optics, Jaroslava Nemcova, said the company remains in the hands of co-owners – nephew Gerald and his son David Rausnitz. "The owners of Meopta, Mr. Gerald Rausnitz and his son David, the management of the company and his employees, see the departure of Mr. Rausnitz as a great loss and want to preserve all the values ​​that Mr. Rausnitz confessed throughout his life and work and continue his work, "said the spokesman.

Paul Rausnitz was an active proprietor of Meopty-Optics who participated in making strategic decisions. Last year, net profit rose 70 percent to 175 million crowns of 102.3 million crowns by 2016. Revenues from a leading national manufacturer of opto-mechanical devices dropped 5 percent annually from a record 2.97 millions of crowns in 2016 up to 2,373 million crowns.

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