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Beverages that support metabolism and weight loss –

Water with lemon

Lemon water is not just a source of vitamin C that promotes immunity. It is also suitable for weight loss. Many experts recommend drinking especially during the morning, ideally warm or even warm, because it is absorbed better, the seat is more efficient and metabolism and digestion begin. Lemon is also suitable for the general detoxification of the organism.

Green tea

Green tea contains important antioxidants that can improve digestion and eliminate appetite and reduce blood sugar. However, it is important to prepare this tea well. The biggest mistake is to water green tea with boiling water, since all active substances are destroyed. Conventional green teas should be soaked with water at 80 ° C (some specials up to only 60 ° C). The active ingredients of green tea can now be found in all types of dietary supplements.

Ayurvedic coffee with garcinia

This is not a classic coffee, but a mixture of purely natural Himalayan herbs, a mixture of chicory and garcinia herbs, which is used in Chinese medicine to burn fat and fight its sedimentation. It also lowers cholesterol and suppresses feelings of hunger and flavor. For the best effects, it is good to drink this coffee 30 minutes before a meal and a maximum of 3 times a day.

Beans and smoothies

Vegetable juices and smoothies will be very refreshed in the morning, they will start the body and also will feed. For example, you can try cucumber, carrot, kohlrabi or spinach leaves, alone or in combination with water. We will add to your body not only the necessary fluids, but also the vitamins and fibers.

Sufficient fluid before and after meals
For ideal food processing, we need plenty of fluids both before and during meals, or even after meals. Many fluids before eating allow us to have enough saliva that we need by biting and chewing. We mixed saliva and started the first steps of successful digestion. The continuous adjustment of the bite will allow us to guarantee that the consistency of the stomach of the chewed foods is desirable in the stomach. Only in this way can your stomach be mixed successfully with stomach juice and send it in moderation sufficient for increased digestion in the intestine. In terms of digestibility and mobilization of digestive juices, it is so important to look for sufficient fluids during the meal.

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