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Cold Aspects I did not feel so great at the NHL

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He is not a colleague, with whom he combines the definitive fight for a city in the porters. On the other hand, with a current competitor, you are looking to buy. The atmosphere of the established clubs was twenty-seven years old, being taken Carolina, with the cattle parks, triumphs in the ice.

Petr Lord

Carolina Petr Mrzek (34) thanks to Curtis McElhinney (35).

I did not do something so good at the NHL, Mrzek is satisfied.

The last time he scored the night at 6: 1 through LA Kings, Hurricanes confirmed the new way in the year. And for the workshop dkovaky praised Carolina and the league Garry Bettman.

The new owner here wants a merc hockey and this is one of the things to change, objective lg.

Tom Dundon invented the celebrations?
It was her fault, the captain of Justin Williams and the BrindAmour train. There was a need for some change. For a long time, we did not play out, the fans did not spend much, but we were talking about the good performances that we celebrate, people are lying.

Yes Chill the hall, skip the mantinels. From the hockey sticks you have a horseshoe or a row, it falls to the ground like a marten. This is probably not spontaneous, eh?
Turn off the kids or Willie's children. As a captain, then, in the group chat, the field is the day of the information. There are also videos from the movie or American football from where to inspire. I'm sure it's not a first time, and I'll check for the last time on ice. I'm not so busy. I'm rd, it's over and you're in the booth.

Are you a little old-fashioned as an expert Don Cherry, who called you a bloody band?
This is what he criticized … (he smiles) Nobody likes it very well and it is not so much in the cabin. Instead, there has been a trick with a lot of stupor, they are quite popular and at home they are also pr.

You're a lot of shit, Cherry Carolin. The club ironically accepts

You know, Carolina.
There are many problems about Detroit over the mainstream and the Glman train. This is a basic tribe. I'm happy here. Let's play out, the whole season will be a super hockey, and it will be a twenty-minute koda that will go wrong before the end of the season.

Do you have any results after the New Year's Eve?
They were good at arresting the season, but they had a lot of experience. I do not know where I am, it is probably the best star. That is why we were dominated by 1: 2 or 2: 3. But they took the children, try it and it's only good.

Little by little, Mrzek, McElhinney, were gradually crystallized.
I will be born! I was a bit tired when I was injured in November and was out of the ordinary. But I'm rd, that's the way. Curtis is a star and experience, who likes to do it. When I was injured, we had fun talking about the skates. He pushed for a long time, as he did. I tried it in a training field and did not know it from that moment on.

It's easy to burst onto the stars. Therefore, the balance is correct and you do not have to bend the stars.

So he paid his colleague Vee, since the first of vs captured 200 duels in the NHL.
We have so many friends. There was a time when both began the beginning and El Curtis. With coach Mike Bales, they joked that Curtis had taken two of them first and he also paid for him. How it works here, I was in Ottaw in the junior class last time.

In Detroit, he was gradually bothering Stdn with colleague Howard. Here it is similar, but it does lp. m?
Install a little different here. Where it was missing, he did not look back. So, it was developed so it was a day before Dan came to the edge. He arrived, the hunter picked up zero and returned it to the state. Here you train differently, two in the brick of urito. I took Zero with Dallas, but did not capture the Rangers, and Curtis was in vain. And that's how it works.

Two zeros do not wander, eh?
Zero is the pie of the cake, which gives it a sense of confidence. Kad zpas is jin. The zeros are the work of all the darkness you need to win, and not the account.

et branki v zmo

David Rittich In Calgary, he worked as a nigger, the perfect performance of the individual. In the form of lost form, he lost it and the opportunity to win the experienced competitor Smith.

Marek Mazanec In the NHL it was the last to catch up in December 2016, now very far from the beginning. The Rangers traveled to Vancouver, where he could cover Markstrm.

Pavel Francouz In Colorado, he is about to catch a stable duke Varlamov, Grubauer. In AHL, between now and at the end of the day, there is 91.3 percent.

Josef Koen At the end of the year, the top 5 glman AHL. Imladek was slightly spoiled on the farm of San José (91.8 percent), compared to the countryman (French, Vanek, Vlad).

Trains vs. ass chvl, but the number of seconds is approximately 90 percent. Do not give a small impression of the season?
Yes, but again, when the hunter devastates, he is about 2.6. You will have about twenty in the NHL. I do not have much content, but again I can make a good start. Who looks at him and the hockey is selling it a little, I think he is under great power. I can not stand

Soon the treaty will expire. Do you have any sign of hurricanes and dr?
The organization is happy with me. And when this is the case, we will agree on cooperation. When it would be good to me and it would be easy to solve, it seems to me. It is new and will only be in a while. Co lollipop here, lb, volunteer to change it?

Bl is the ampion of the world. Lk vs. Ast in Slovakia?
I talked to Zadek Ortc (Trenk reprezentanch brank). We were agreed in advance, and this could be good this year. The new train, the medal for the medal, is to give birth to the family in action. We'll see how the game develops. There are scenes.

What this scene: establishes in the water two rounds, but you will not have a new contract. Want to go
If we had to leave here, I would stop. I told my Zeke, and even if a contract is not signed, I will go. We'll see it after the season or ride for its roar. It will also fall on the top of Carolina. If you had objections, I would do it according to the situation.

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