Wednesday , January 20 2021

Ford bought Spin's spin-sharing service

The exchange services of electric scooters are spreading around the globe like grasshoppers. That will be a decent business confirmed by the acquisition of Spin Ford.electric scooters scooters

Electro-wheels are easier than electric schools, which gradually flood European, American and Asian cities.
photo: Ford

Among the best known services in America for The exchange of electro-cartridges includes Lime and Bird. The rental of electric scooters is already popular in Prague, although of course it does not go without "obstacles" (even bad publicity is advertising).

Ford is closing an agreement to buy Lime for approximately $ 100 million. This legitimizes all other similar service operators and further increases its value.

Own Ford simultaneously launches its own Jelly Service pilot, which also allows anywhere on the campus of the University of Purdue Take off an electric scooter and where it can be deferred.

Ford wants to offer its clients a real acquisition "last kilometer". This is the most critical place in terms of transport, that the electro-wheels meet very well. They offer a means of cheap, cheap transport and relatively urban transport.

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