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He plays in the rough, but he takes photos of fine acts. Hynek Čermák exhibits at the Nikon gallery

Since November 8, 2018, Nikon Photo Gallery celebrates the photo exhibition of Hynek Čermák Nik On Akt. The series of photographic acts not only presents the appearance of a famous actor for femininity, but also his attempt to help good things.

"I have taken pictures for many years and I have to say that I am very excited about it." I am trying to sell the photos of the exhibition as part of the fight against breast cancer, but I just do not overtake the quality of the photos, I think that ninety percent of them have sold, I have photographed them as a popular actor and that money will be something good ", says the author.

Hynek Čermák graduated from the Technical University of SOU and trained as a mechanic, his career as an actor and photographic work, but he speaks clearly about creative genres. Coming from a family of artists, father and mother are graduated from the art school at Hollar Square and her sister studied photography. His father, Bedřich Čermák, worked very often with the act in his works. In the same way, her mother, Jarmila Hannah Cermakova, leaves female nudity or motherhood as an expression of hope and freedom to stand out in her paintings and poems.

What seems to be an erotic symbol, the author hopes that the viewer will feel the courage, humor and self-esteem that inspires nudity.

"The act is about the trust between the photographer and the model, the dialogue between man and man, about stopping time, about fulfilling the dream, about the courage to reveal or nudity in the photo talking about the nakedness of the photographer, the act of who gave us life. " says Hynek Čermák.

The photographic exhibition Nik On Akt will take place at the Nikon photo gallery in Prague on December 9, 2018.

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