Sunday , June 13 2021

Kvitov niggled. Today would not go, ekla

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I was in bed all the way. She slept, watched the beings and released the movie. The temperature of Pete Kvitov did not allow him to drink or the press conference of compulsory water in another way.

In the room, but in the green yard of O2 aren she sang. A tentative attempt, when his water spray lasted only 15 minutes, doubled asov.

It happened to me Do not forget tennis. I tried the surface, mky. I am afraid that I got out of bed and started up, listening to a man who was busy after a busy day, after his previous absence, performed duty, especially newspapers. Besides the Scottish journalist, he was also responsible for foreign affairs.

Did you talk to Peter Kvitov after a hard work?

About the current state of health.Upmn, today I would not lose my heart. I'm not sure about anything on Saturday, it breaks all the time before the lot.

About the cut in O2 aren.It is the same as in Nora (hit 3: 1 in the quarterfinals). I am so happy that they did it in the way we wanted. That's how it looks, it's good.

The duration of free time.Schn Hlavn spt. Koukm about arrangement in gard gard (Kvitov included in his seryl last year) and let me have a movie.

About your health problems at the Fed Cup.It's a year for me to have years and experience, although it is not in the current situation. Sometimes, however, it's a mile away, and there's a lot of mutilation and curse. After a season of nron, hell will turn off. Bohuel. I am this, I know nothing about that.

About Hardcore Hardcore.It would be a waste of a cell and you get hurt. It depends on you to find a balance to swallow, but it does not hit. I hope it's a good time.

Sleeping shadowsIn the past, we are convinced that it is not a great deal. This is the most offensive one. We have this, that's all. Girls (Barbora Strcov, Kateina Siniakov and Barbora Krejkov) are of course excellent.

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