Thursday , July 29 2021

Okamura uses government tensions. Meet Babis, you want to replace CSSD through Start schedule

Prague The Movement for Freedom and Direct Democracy (SPD), according to its president, Tomio Okamura, wants to programmatically replace the CSSD in government, while also willing to support the expert's office created by the movement, the SPD program is fulfilled. Okamura allowed after Wednesday's meeting with Prime Minister Andrei Babis (YOA).

Regarding a possible government crisis that could unleash the alleged kidnapping of the son of the Premier in the Crimea, Okamura believes that the SPD is promoted.

The SPD attacks the Social Democrats for a long time. "I immediately took advantage of this space because I see that there is some tension in the government. That said flatly, we want to replace the CSSD, we do not want to promote a Russian program," he said. According to him, Babiš is currently promoting the CSSD program, but the SPD wants a patriotic program.

The Okamura SPD will vote next week for reasons of suspicion by the government program. "We want to express our distrust of this government, we never trust in it. But if it is about the government's desire to push our agenda, we can of course consider things," said Okamura.

According to him, the situation now depends on whether CSSD and KSCM "keep the government". It would be quite different if at the time of voting, for example, it was not already in the CSSD government. "If there were any need for the government to be complemented by another person, by some experts, that is another discussion that we would like to participate," he said.

The last thing around Cape Hat, Okamura supposed that there could be space for the SPD application. "The result of the meeting is that the Prime Minister told me he prepared some key elements of the program that we think would be a good push. And we could have fun next week," he said.

According to him, the interview was also about current political news, but the proposal for the SPD to the government did not come from the SI. "There was no such offer, we were talking at the level of the program," he said. The SPD, he says, can not enter the government with whom he has unsolved cases. But you can imagine that the SPD program could be promoted by the government of experts who would choose the movement of YO. "We are not a political channel," he added. As an expert, Minister of Finance Ivan Pilny (ANO) and the current Minister of Industry Martina Nováková (for YES) mentioned.

Mr. Hamáček, president of the CSSD, and the leader of KSCM Vojtěch Filip, whose party supported the Council of Ministers in a trusted vote, also participated in the morning of Babis morning.

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